Eda Zhuleku

Eda ZhulekuArea of Practice: Ms. Zhuleku specialized in the field of pharmaceutical law. She advises companies at home and abroad with respect to issues relating to the early benefit assessment as well as the reimbursement for drugs and medicinal products. Attorney-at-Law Zhuleku is moreover active in the field of contract and company law for health care professions and deals with the constructing cooperations between the individual players in health care. Within this framework she advises particularly medical care centers in establishing and creating their legal relationships.

She represents our lawfirm at EUCOPE’s workinggroup for Orphan Drugs.

Ms. Zhuleku publishes in medical journals like PharmInd, the Highlights-Magazine from L et V Publishing House as well as other journals.

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Languages: German, English, French, Albanian



Eda Zhuleku
admitted since: February 2011
Education/Degrees: First state examination: Friedrich-Alexander University (Erlangen) and
Faculté de Droit, Université de Rennes/France
Second state examination: Chamber for cases of liability of medical practitioners of the District Court of NurembergCompulsory optional stage (Wahlstation) at the German Embassy in Luxemburg
Research and Teaching: Lecturer of the FAU, Chair of Public Law and International Law
Officially appointed corrector for the intermediate exam at the
Faculty of Law


Attorney-at-Law Zhuleku is the author of professional articles on legal aspects in medical journals, the magazines PharmInd and in the Highlight Magazine of the publishing house L et V


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