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Military Advisory Council in Munich, Anniversary Symposium BMC in Berlin

18.10.2017, Munich, Berlin: On the occasion of the handing over of the leadership of the Directorate Wehrmedizinische Wissenschaft and Ability Development of Generalarzt Dr. Weller to Oberstarzt Dr. Holthern held an academic celebration at the Sanitätsakademie in Munich. Our senior partner, Professor Ehlers, Flemish Physician of the Reserve, and a…

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Medical care – fit for the future?

October 13, 2017, Aschaffenburg: On October 13, 2017, our senior partner, Professor Ehlers, took part as a delegate at the National Assembly of the Health and Care Work Group in Aschaffenburg. Wolfgang Zöller expressed his position on the question “Medical care – fit for the future?”. In the upcoming new…

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Helios Summer School

HELIOS Summer School, Wuppertal, Friday, 6.10.2017: At the end of the third day of the Summer School of Helios, our senior partner Prof. Ehlers discussed the health system’s options with the 25 participants from Russia and Germany. Fulfilled by the practical experience in recent days, the young colleagues showed particular…

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Recent Publication

“Teledocators should stay in the country – What Germany can learn from telemedicine from Switzerland and England” An german article by Prof. Dr. med. Alexander P. F. Ehlers in the Medical Tribune, No. 40, 2017, page 27. Please read here Download