8th BMC-Congress in Berlin

8th BMC Congress on the 23. and 24.01.2018 in Berlin: For the eighth time, the by K. Meyer-Lutterloh and our senior partner Professor Ehlers for more than 20 years ago established Federal Association Managed Care (BMC), has its annual congress in Berlin. Managed Care in the digital age is in focus this year. Questions such as “how can we cope with the fast pace of innovation in the current development of the health care system?” or “What about the benefit assessment of digital solutions?” The experts deal with. Two outstanding lectures by Matthias Horx and Prof. Christian Lovis from Geneva provided more than enough food for discussion at the Capital Club. Professor Ehlers showed in discussions that the digital possibilities would increasingly make the insured / patient the “manager” of his body and his illness. Here, “shared decision” is only the beginning.