Annual reception BMC and discussion round at XPOMET in Berlin

Berlin, 9.-11.10.2019: Yesterday Berlin was again on the travel planning of our senior partner Prof. Ehlers. On Wednesday evening, Prof. Ehlers first attended the annual reception of the Federal Association of Managed Care (BMC), which he founded with Dr. Meyer-Lutterloh more than 20 years ago. On Thursday, he co-hosted the discussion round “Between the Millstones” with S.E. Gurjit Singh (the former ambassador of India to Germany) and Frank Sieren (bestselling author, journalist and China expert) at XPOMET. It was about the political and economic developments in China and India and their impact on Germany and Europe – taking into account digitalization and health systems. After the award ceremony of the vdek Future Prize in the afternoon, Prof. Ehlers went to the speaker’s dinner of EIT-Health, a European think tank.