Athen, 16.-19.06.2020

After the travel restrictions were lifted this week, our senior partner Prof. Ehlers travelled to Athens for business meetings. He encountered a situation there almost like in the 19th century – no crowds of tourists except for a few individual travellers. Digitalisation enabled him to attend the opening event of the Capital Congress Digital 2020 “Medicine and Health” from Athens on Wednesday 17 June. The opening event was of course also about “the crisis as a driver of innovation: turning times in the health sector”.

In the evening, he took part in the online session of the Business WG of the Petersburg Dialogue as a representative of the Health WG of the Petersburg Dialogue, alongside Prof. Dr. Evgeny Shlyakhto. More than 60 members of the Petersburg Dialogue took part in the highly interesting session, which was excellently chaired by Dr Thomas Falk and Andrej Klepatsch. Here, too, the focus was on the economic, political as well as health situation under the current conditions in Russia and Germany.