Capital Congress 2018 in Berlin

6th June 2018, Berlin, 1st day of the Capital Congress 2018

More than 600 speakers will deal with the challenges of providing care to the population in the next three days. Digitalization and care continue to be the focus of interest. More than 8000 guests are expected. After an excellent opening speech by the new Minister of Health, Mr. Jens Spahn, the congress opened its doors. Our senior partner Prof. Ehlers used the day for many discussions and discussions with high-ranking representatives of the health care institutions. In the afternoon he took part in the event of the German-Chinese Society of Medicine, of which he has been a member for a long time, on the subject of “getting older”. The keynote speakers were Prof. Steinhagen-Thiessen, Charite, and Prof. Wang Wie, Tongji Medical College, Wuhan. The evening ended at dinner at the invitation of the medhochzwei publishing company on board the restaurant ship Van Loon. A big thank you to the hosts for this special evening with interesting guests from the health system and good talks.