Capital Congress 2019 in Berlin

Berlin, 21.-22.05.2019: For two days, our senior partner Prof. Ehlers stayed in Berlin on the occasion of this year’s Capital Congress. After the opening, the 12th China Symposium of the German-Chinese Society for Medicine (DCgm), of which he is a member, was initially on his program. The experts of the symposium from China and Germany discussed “Sino-German cooperation in the health care – Digital Medicine in Germany and China – best practice examples.” The industry fair was followed by scheduled discussions with representatives from industry and politics. In the evening, he attended the reception of the German-Chinese Society of Medicine at the Customs House. This was followed by a dinner on the restaurant ship Van Loon at the invitation of the medhochzwei-Verlages to mark the tenth anniversary. Congratulations and thanks to the hosts. Prof. Ehlers was looking forward to further discussions with clients, colleagues and politicians.