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Prof. Ehlers In An Interview With The Radio Station Deutschlandfunk

Our senior partner Prof. Ehlers in an interview with the radio station Deutschlandfunk about the differences in the licensing procedure in Great Britain and the EU (here: text version)

Juve Handbook Commercial Law Firms 2020/2021: Top Ranking

Top Ranking for Ehlers, Ehlers & Partner in the field of pharmaceutical and medical device law The leading reference book for legal services in Germany, the Juve Handbook of Commercial Law Firms, has published its current rankings. Ehlers, Ehlers &…

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Recent Publication

Essentials from pharmaceutical and social law – “Introduction of the e-prescription – a further milestone in digitization in the healthcare sector? An article by Prof. Dr. iur. Dr. med. Alexander P. F. Ehlers and Alexander Philipp Rösner, in pharmind, No….

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Virtual Springer Medicine Gala 2020

Berlin/Stuttgart, 21-23.10.20, second day: Yesterday, our senior partner Prof. Ehlers had professional-political discussions with the German Medical Association (Bundesärztekammer) on questions of how to deal with medical care centers, vaccination strategies, the corona pandemic and the Heilpraktikergesetz (law on alternative…

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