Springer Gala Will Take Place on 17.10.2019 In Berlin

Like every autumn, the Galenus von Pergamon Prize will be awarded this year. The prize honours outstanding research achievements in pharmacology outside the pharmaceutical industry. The Springer Medical Charity Award will also be presented during the Springer Gala. This prize…

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Talks with the DAK in Hamburg

Hamburg, 14.10.2019: Early in the morning our senior partner Prof. Ehlers travelled to Hamburg for talks with the DAK. Topics were the framework conditions for transplants, the transplantation law and necessary modifications.

EIT Health

Berlin, 11.10.2019: EIT Health, a European think tank, invited to Berlin on Friday. Prof. Finn B. Kristensen (Denmark) and our senior partner Prof. Ehlers moderated the discussion of the German experts’ roundtable on “EIT Health Think Tank 2019: Optimising Innovation…

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Annual reception BMC and discussion round at XPOMET in Berlin

Berlin, 9.-11.10.2019: Yesterday Berlin was again on the travel planning of our senior partner Prof. Ehlers. On Wednesday evening, Prof. Ehlers first attended the annual reception of the Federal Association of Managed Care (BMC), which he founded with Dr. Meyer-Lutterloh…

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