Capital Congress 2019 in Berlin

Berlin, 21.-22.05.2019: For two days, our senior partner Prof. Ehlers stayed in Berlin on the occasion of this year’s Capital Congress. After the opening, the 12th China Symposium of the German-Chinese Society for Medicine (DCgm), of which he is a…

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Conference and Workshop AG Health of the St. Petersburg Dialogue

Hanover, 15.-17.5.2019: Yesterday, our senior partner Prof. Ehlers, flew to the meeting of the AG Health of the St. Petersburg Dialogue. After yesterday’s welcome evening of the Russian delegates, the participants of the conference and workshop will discuss the topic…

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Save The Date – 12th Munich Liability Seminar

On 28 June 2019, the 12th Munich Liability Seminar will take place in Munich. Further information about the program can be found here. EALA 12th Munich Liability Seminar 2019 EALA Program – registration form 2019 Please do not hesitate to…

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Recent Publication

Essentials from Pharmaceutical and Social Law – “Delivery of free ready-to-use medicines to pharmacies”. A german article by Prof. Dr. iur. Dr. med. Alexander P. F. Ehlers and Julian Bartholomä, in Pharmind, No. 4, 2019, 537-538. Please Download here