David Dittberner

Area of Expertise: David Dittberner advises and represents nationwide health care providers. His special focus is on the counseling and representation of inpatient and outpatient care facilities in social, administrative and civil law issues. In this area, the main focus is on remuneration negotiations with costbearers, the prosecution of lawsuits and the (home contracts, contracts for sheltered housing, leasing contracts, leases) the subject of the legal activities of Mr. David Dittberner. Furthermore, in the consultation frequently questions of the qualityemployment law and delimitation questions from the area of ​​assisted living. Another focus of Mr. David Dittberner is in the (contract-) medical law. In this context, he advises and represents doctors both through the associations and doctors’ chambers in honoraria, as well as in companylegal issues (practice foundation, practice sales, jobsharing).

Mr. David Dittberner also has a proven expertise in criminal matters due to his many years of work at various criminal law chairs of the Freie Universität Berlin. In addition to representation in criminal proceedings, Mr. David Dittberner advises health care providers in the runup to state investigations in the development of strategies for the prevention of legal violations (“Healthcare Compliance”). In the area of ​​criminal counseling practice, questions of billing, infidelity and corruption are of particular importance. Mr. David Dittberner is also available to patients with hospital planning, hospital financing and the enforcement of claims.

Contact: e-Mail
Languages: German, English


RA David Dittberner
admitted since: 2016
Education/Degrees: Studium der Rechtswissenschaften, Freie Universität Berlin
Rechtsreferendariat, Kammergericht




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