Digital World of Roche Pharma and Health meets Circus

Berlin, 04.-06.06.2019: After Hamburg, Berlin was the venue for further talks by our senior partner Prof. Ehlers. At the invitation of Roche Pharma, he looked at the digital world of Roche. “Digitalization is paving new ways to link pharmaceuticals, diagnostics and data, beneficial for society and patients.” Prof. Hagen Pfundner, CEO of Roche Pharma, explained the reorientation of his company and the benefits for patients. Prof. Ehlers expects the next “quantum leap in medicine” at the intersection of bio-and genetic engineering and digitization. This will fundamentally change diagnostics, therapy and care. Client talks followed over the next two days and on Wednesday evening the IKK e.V. invited to “Health meets circus.” After a brilliant show by Berlin cabaret artist Ulrich Michael Heissig, the representatives of the health system were still discussing the current draft laws from the BMG on the balmy summer night. A heartfelt thanks to Hans-Jürgen Müller, Hans Peter Wollseifer, Jürgen Hohnl and the employees of IKK e.V. for this special evening.