Dr. Martin Coen

Dr. Martin Coen has been supporting our law firm since 2017. Through his work at the Chair of European and International Law at the University of Münster in Münster, he has scientific experience, which has been supplemented by many years of judicial activity, including as an employee at the Federal Constitutional Court. After working as a judge for many years, he headed the Social Policy and Health Policy and Internal Market Unit at the Representation of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia to the European Union, and represented the Federal Council in various EU Council Working Groups on Social and Health Policy. In the Ministry of Health of the State of North-Rhine Westphalia, he headed the unit “Principles of Demography and Care”. Dr. Coen is particularly familiar with the European dimension of national legal developments in the field of social, health and economic law, and in our office in Brussels we are mainly involved in tasks with a Community and constitutional background.


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Dr. Martin Coen
zahlreiche Beiträge zum Arbeits- Verfassungs – und Europarecht; u.a. Bleckmann, Lehrbuch zum Europarecht, Kommentator der EU Verträge, Lenz, Borchardt Hrsg.; Mitbestimmung und Tarifautonomie, in Handbuch des Verfassungsrechts, Hrsg. Benda, Mayrhofer, Vogel; und Mitarbeit am Gutachten von Benda zur verfassungsrechtlichen Überprüfung von § 119 AFG im Auftrag der Landesregierung Nordrhein-Westfalen.





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