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44. Training week of the Bavarian gynecologists in Oberlech

3rd to 10th Dec. 2016, 44th Training week of the Bavarian gynecologist in Oberlech: Already in the 44th year the Bavarian gynecologists meet for the advanced training in Oberlech. The scientific program of Dr. Rebhan and Dr. Haerty was eagerly…

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Health 3.0 in Düsseldorf

Health 3.0, Düsseldorf, 01.12.16: This year’s Health 3.0 was on the first day the focus of the discussion of a digitalization of the health care system. Designated speakers were discussing “Disruptive Innovation: Digital Health – Ahead of Intelligent IT Use?”….

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Book presentation and tip “New survey of health care”

Soon to be published online and in the trade: Book “Neuvermessung der Gesundheitswirtschaft” (Springer Verlag), David Matusiewicz and Marco Muhrer-Schwaiger ed., with a contribution by Prof. Dr. Dr. A. P. F. Ehlers and Dr. A. Moroder on “ What can…

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JUVE Handbook 2016/2017 – Economic chancery

JUVE Handbook 2016/2017 – Economic chancery: Ehlers, Ehlers & Partner is active in the areas of health for the region East Berlin and the region South Munich (pg 310/450), health care: pharmaceutical and medical products sector (p. 815)