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Our senior partner Prof. Ehlers in an interview with ÄrzteZeitung on 30.12.2020 Prof. Ehlers gave an interview to “ÄrzteZeitung”, which was published today. He talked about a possible Corona vaccination obligation and special rights for vaccinated people. You can read…

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Recent Publication

“The limits of solidarity”, Die Augsburger Allgemeine, 31.12.20 Another interview of our senior partner Prof. Ehlers on the topic of Corona vaccination, published in the Augsburger Allgemeine on 31/12. Among other things, the article deals with the question of social…

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We Grow

The law firm Ehlers, Ehlers & Partner is pleased to announce that Mr. Julian Bartholomä will join the partnership of the firm effective January 1, 2021. Julian Bartholomä is already part of the team around Alexander Ehlers and Christian Rybak…

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Prof. Ehlers In An Interview With The Radio Station Deutschlandfunk

Our senior partner Prof. Ehlers in an interview with the radio station Deutschlandfunk about the differences in the licensing procedure in Great Britain and the EU (here: text version)