Felix Burda Award 2016

Felix Burda Award 2016 – 04.17.2016: The Felix Burda Foundation is celebrating in 2016 its 15th anniversary Foundation Anniversary. The invitation to this very special event and the award of the Felix Burda Awards 2016 was followed by the dedicated combatants such as doctors, representatives of businesses (media), politics and organizations with great joy. The commitment of the Felix Burda Foundation and its outstanding Chairman Dr. Christa Maar, it is thanks to them that today around 100,000 deaths could be prevented by colon cancer. After the opening speech by Federal Health Minister Hermann Gröhe and the opening address by the Chairman of the Felix Burda Foundation, Dr. Christa Maar, the Felix Burda Awards were awarded. The award in the category “Corporate prevention” was the Audi AG for the project “Cancer actively counter”, the award in the category “Medicine and Science” was Prof. Borg and his colleagues from the European Molecular Biology Laboratory for the project “Microbial biomarkers for early detection “awarded and the Bayerische Rundfunk received for the program” of cancer home is at home “the Felix Burda Award” commitment of the year “. The Get Together at the BMW World Munich a pioneering evening came to an end.