Felix Burda Award 2018

13.05.2018, 1. Day Berlin: Meanwhile, for the twelfth time, the representatives of the health service met at the invitation of the chairmen of the Felix Burda Foundation, Dr. med. Christa Maar, in Berlin for the award of this year’s awards. The awards are always given in the categories “Occupational Prevention”, “Engagement of the Year” and “Medicine and Science”. In addition, an “Ehrenfelix” will be awarded for engagement. The Felix Burda Foundation is committed to “providing broad and early information to people on the subject of colorectal cancer screening”. In her welcome speech, Dr. Maar emphasized, the “rate of new cases and the deaths of colorectal cancer among the over-50’s sink, but not among the adolescents. But each of the 2,5400 deaths that still exist annually is one reason not in the effort let go.” Federal Health Minister Jens Spahn assured in his speech further support.