Health 4.0 in Dusseldorf

16.01. Health 4.0 in Dusseldorf. As of today, more than 250 health care experts will be discussing six central topics in Health 4.0 in Dusseldorf: Health and Politics, Focus on Hospitals, Health in Denmark and Poland, Global Healthcare Futurists, Digitalisation, IT and Cybersecurity in the Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals Sector in the Future. Our senior partner Prof. Ehlers moderates the first day. As part of his opening statement, Professor Ehlers called for a master plan for digitization of federal politics so as not to completely lose touch with international developments. Economics Minister Prof. Pinkwart from NRW explained “Digitalisation of the healthcare industry – challenge and opportunities for companies”. In the ensuing panel discussion moderated by Prof. Ehlers (B. Fischer vfa, Prof. Pinkwart, M. Wenge IHK Wuppertal, Dr. Thom Sony Mobile, Prof. Schömig University Hospital Cologne and R. Brücker Viactiv), the participants unanimously defined the To Do it to a new federal government.