KassenGipfel 2018 in Berlin

Berlin, 22.-23.02.2018 KassenGipfel: As every year in February, high-ranking representatives of the health sector have been discussing current topics – concerning statutory and private health insurance. In his opening speech and simultaneous introduction to the topic, our senior partner Professor Ehlers (moderator of the first day of the event) pointed out that with the existence of the coalition agreement, it could be hoped that the months of uncertainty would soon be over. The topics of the first day included the necessary modifications of the MorbiRSA, the health policy agenda of the new legislature, digitization and quality competition. In the panel discussion chaired by Professor Ehlers, the political spokespeople of the parties all expressed “some discomfort” regarding the two-tier insurance system. Everyone agreed that things would change in the next ten years. The upcoming discussion of fee schedules is a first step.

Thanks again to Hardy Löw and the entire MCC team for perfect organization and support.

P.S. Also look at the current publication of the journal Versicherungswirtschaft.