Petersburg Dialogue on 16.+17. April 2018 in St. Petersburg

From April 16 to 17, the Health Working Group of the Petersburg Dialogue will meet in St. Petersburg. The Spring Conference is entitled “Rehabilitation, Vaccination and Cardiology”. Our Senior Partner Professor Ehlers will follow up on his remarks during the annual meeting of the Petersburg Dialogue 2017 in Berlin and on the topic “Vaccination as a global public health and medico-legal challenge”. In addition, the current political developments with regard to Syria will certainly be discussed. Especially in times of increasing global tensions, dialogue forums such as the Petersburg Dialogue are indispensable! In a political discussion a few days ago, Professor Ehlers, a member of the Petersburg Dialogue, again insistently pointed out that Germany was now required to seek dialogue with Russia in order to improve the dialogue between Russia and the West and to defuse the crisis, Non-martial threats, saber-rattling and tightening of sanctions are the solution, but only the coming together and the struggle for a common solution.