Spring Festival 2018 of KZBV and BZÄK in Berlin

15.05.2018, 3. Day Berlin: In good tradition, Dr. Wolfgang Esser, Chairman of the Board of the Federal Dentistry Association, welcomes the numerous guests from the health service for the Spring Festival 2018. In his speech in the British Embassy, ​​he made it clear that the dentists expect the policy measures to maintain high-quality dental care in Germany. So he called for intervention in the sponsorship of MVZ structures. The necessity of adjusting the remuneration was also mentioned. Federal Health Minister Jens Spahn indicated in his greeting that this had to be discussed. In a similarly critical way, Dr. Peter Engel, President of the Federal Dental Association, said the same. At the subsequent reception, our senior partner Professor Alexander Ehlers discussed with representatives from politics and corporations about data protection from a European perspective and the sufficient legal framework conditions for medical care centers.