Spring Festival 2019 Of The KZBV And The BZÄK In Berlin

Berlin, 07.05.2019: Yesterday, our senior partner Prof. Ehlers, travelled to Berlin for talks with representatives of the Federal Ministry of Transport. These were road safety issues and the ambulance service. In the evening, at the invitation of the Federal Court of Timetarian Association and the Federal Dental Association, he participated in the spring festival in the historically significant Bear Hall in the Old Townhouse. In his welcome, Dr. Eßer shed light on the TSVG and the consequences for the established dentists. The participation of foreign investors in the outpatient supply structures was also back in the focus of discussions. Representing Federal Health Minister Spahn, State Secretary Dr. Gebhart explained the BMG’s other legislative proposals. In “Spring Dining,” guests continued to discuss the beautiful rooms for a long time to come. A heartfelt thank you to KZBV and BZÄK for this special evening.