Springer Medicine Gala 2019 In Berlin

Berlin, Hanover, Munich, 17-18.10.2019: After participating in the Health Policy Committee meeting of the German Pharmaceutical Industry Association in Berlin, our senior partner Prof. Ehlers, accompanied by our partner Dr. Rybak, took part in the Springer Medicine Gala 2019 in the Axica. The law firm Ehlers, Ehlers & Partner has been one of the main sponsors of the Charity Awards for many years. We congratulate all winners of the Galenus von Pergamon Award and the Charity Awards. In an interview after the gala, Prof. Ehlers stressed that it would be colder in our society without the voluntary commitment of so many people in our country. We would like to thank Springer Medizin and all employees for this very special evening! We are happy to be there again in 2020.

On Friday, our senior partner will travel to Hanover for meetings as part of the 28th Annual Conference of the German Transplant Society. We continue to report!