Summer Conference 2018 of the Conference Bleue in Amsterdam

28th29th June 2018, Amsterdam

Yesterday our senior partner Prof. Ehlers flew to the Summer Conference 2018 in Amsterdam for the Conference Bleue European Lawyers’ Conference on Pharmaceutical and Health Care Affairs, founded by Peter Braachi (Switzerland) and more than 21 years ago. After initial meetings, the conference opened yesterday with a dinner for the members of the Conference Bleue. Presentations and discussions on “Pricing and reimbursement developments”, “Transparency of Payments to Health Care Professionals, Healthcare Organizations and Patients Organizations”, “Update on EU competition law developments”, “Dyspnoea: consequences of bird flu or regulatory export regime?” , EMA in Amsterdam. Perspective from the Dutch Medicine Agency “,” Update on significant EU regulatory developments “and” The EFPIA perspective on GDPR and its implementation “are on the agenda.