Transfer of office Rotary Club Munich

Munich, 25.06.2019: As part of the festive handover of office at the Hotel Bayerischer Hof in Munich, our senior partner Prof. Ehlers took over the presidency of the Rotary Club Munich from his predecessor Dr. Karl Huber (President of the Bayer. Constitutional Court and the OLG Munich a.D.). Prof. Ehlers thanked Dr. Huber on behalf of all members of the club for a Rotarian year of remembrance and remembrance. In the 90th year of the RC Munich’s existence, on the initiative of Dr. Huber, the club had met with outstanding lectures by a total of 13 Jewish members, who for racist, anti-Semitic reasons, besides the Nobel Prize winner Thomas Mann, left the club during the Third Reich were expelled. In his inaugural address, Prof. Ehlers then emphasized the principles of Rotary leadership, fellowship, service, diversity, and integrity. He wants to put the Rotarian year 2019/2020 under the motto “Friendship of Nations” and this with a special view of the East. In particular, the relationship between Russia and Germany is at stake. We continue to report!