Virtual Springer Medicine Gala 2020

Berlin/Stuttgart, 21-23.10.20, second day: Yesterday, our senior partner Prof. Ehlers had professional-political discussions with the German Medical Association (Bundesärztekammer) on questions of how to deal with medical care centers, vaccination strategies, the corona pandemic and the Heilpraktikergesetz (law on alternative practitioners). In the evening, Prof. Ehlers took part in the Springer Medicine Gala 2020, which this year, however, took place exclusively virtually. The Galenus von Pergamon Prize and the Charity Award for outstanding social commitment in the healthcare sector were presented. The law firm Ehlers, Ehlers und Partner is one of the two main sponsors. We congratulate all prize winners from the bottom of our hearts and thank Springer Medizin and the whole team for the very successful event. We were happy to be there as sponsors and look forward to 2021, and we will gladly support the Charity Award next year as well.