White Rose

Munich, 15.07.2019: In the morning Prof. Ehlers took part in the 126th Presidium Meeting in his function as Honorary President of the Society for Law and Politics in Health Care (GRPG). The afternoon was dedicated to the memory of the “White Rose”. Mrs. Dr. Kronawitter led the guests from politics, military and all other society ranges after speech and prayer of the catholic military bishop Dr. Overbeck by the mental place white rose in the LMU. Later followed in the college for philosophy in the context of the lecture series “education to the resistance” – “white rose”: Ethics of the resistance – yesterday and today” – the lecture of Dr. Overbeck with following panel discussion. Before that, Dr. Gesine Krüger, doctor general staff, had made the importance of the topic clear in an excellent speech, especially for the Bundeswehr. After a reception the chamber opera “Die Weiße Rose” by Udo Zimmermann was performed in excerpts. “The semiconcertante version in the context of the lecture series…goes back to a scenic production by students of the Hochschule für Musik Franz Liszt Weimar.” Outstanding Marina Sturm in the role of Sophie Scholl and Diogo Mendes as Hans Scholl.